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Team Member (Part-Time)

Desert De Oro Foods, Inc. (Taco Bell)
San Antonio

Before applying to Desert De Oro Foods, Inc. (Taco Bell), consider whether the part time job is a good fit for you. While this position is based in San Antonio, the company is open to the possibility of hiring remote workers who meet the qualifications. May 6, 2024 was when the job opportunity for Team Member (Part-Time) was released, and it will end on June 3, 2024. You can negotiate your salary with the employer because they do not provide the salary upfront. The physical work premises for this job is 21118 US HWY. 281 N, San Antonio, TX, San Antonio, TX.

To ensure that your job search online is safe and successful, there are several things you need to keep in mind before applying for jobs. Be cautious of any job listing that requires you to pay for a 'background check.' Legitimate employers typically conduct job interviews over the phone or in person, not just via text or email. Don't provide your personal bank account information to potential employers without verifying their legitimacy. Always verify the legitimacy of a job posting before submitting your application or any personal information. Before proceeding, confirm that you are on the genuine website to prevent any harm. Before applying for any job, research the company's executive leadership and board of directors to ensure that they promote ethical and responsible business practices. Don't give away too much personal information when applying for jobs. Watch out for job postings that require you to complete surveys or offers before being considered for a job, as these are often signs of a fraudulent opportunity. Confirm the job's authenticity and the company's hiring status by contacting them directly.

The Taco Bell Team Member is the first face that customers see when they walk through the door or first voice they hear when they place a drive-thru order so YOU will set the tone for the Taco Bell customer experience and bring the great Taco Bell tastes to life. This is a very important job for a friendly, helpful individual who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and paying attention to detail. Key responsibilities include taking orders or preparing food, assisting in resolving any service or food issues, maintaining food-safety standards and maintaining a clean, safe work and dining environment. A successful candidate will have a clean and tidy appearance, good work habits and a positive attitude. If you want to build a great career while providing fast, fun and friendly service to our customers, Taco Bell is the place to learn, grow and succeed!

Company: Desert De Oro Foods, Inc.
Location: 21118 US HWY. 281 N, San Antonio, TX
Job Category: Team Member

Take the time to research the company and its values before deciding to apply, based on the information in the posting. If you have any doubts about your ability to fulfill the responsibilities, please consider if this job is the right fit for you. Remember that accuracy is more important than speed when it comes to submitting job applications. If you are confident in your qualifications and experience, we encourage you to submit your application for this job posting.