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Elephant Odyssey Wildlife Care Specialist - Part Time - San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
San Diego
Bachelor Degree 1 Year

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has part time job openings. July 9, 2024 was the day when the Elephant Odyssey Wildlife Care Specialist - Part Time - San Diego Zoo position was made available, and it will be inaccessible after August 6, 2024. Since the salary is not exposed by the employer, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to employee recognition and appreciation. It is imperative to fulfill the requirement of passing Bachelor Degree for this job vacancy. This vacancy is located in San Diego, but the company is willing to consider applicants from outside the area who meet the specified requirements. Work experience in the same field for at least 12 months is a must-have for this job. This position is located at San Diego , CA , San Diego , CA.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Elephant Odyssey Wildlife Care Specialist - Part Time - San Diego Zoo

The Wildlife Care Specialist will support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s mission of saving species worldwide by overseeing all aspects of the safe care and handling of an assigned wildlife collection. This position reports to the Lead or Supervisor.
  • Prepares food and water for habitat wildlife
  • Loads and unloads food from trucks
  • Feeds exhibit wildlife
  • Administers prescribed medication and keeps feeding records
  • Observes assigned wildlife
  • Reports abnormal conditions to superiors
  • Cleans exhibit areas, pools, wildlife sleeping areas and service areas
  • Cleans and disinfects utensils, work tools and containers
  • Provides species-appropriate enrichment to assigned wildlife
  • Maintains appropriate health and behavior records on assigned wildlife
  • Responds to questions from the public concerning exhibits
  • Provides exhibit security
  • Participates in capturing, incapacitating and moving wildlife
  • Participates in and supports wildlife training programs
  • Assists medical staff in treating wildlife
  • Performs minor or routine maintenance on exhibit enclosures
  • Reports maintenance needs
  • Operates a variety of light and medium equipment
At least 1 year of experience with hoof stock and/or large carnivore experience in an AZA accredited institution or equivalent specialized experience is required. Knowledge and/or experience with husbandry for a diverse group of mammal species is required.
    • One to two years of work experience in a Zoo or similar environment where appropriate knowledge and skills in wildlife care could be acquired. 
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, Life Science, or other related field preferred.
    • Current valid California Driver's License in good standing.
    • Wildlife behavior
    • Wildlife biology and zoology
    • Care, feeding and handling of wild wildlife
    • Safety practices around wild wildlife
    • Public Speaking
    • Deal tactfully and courteously with others
    • Adhere to the organization’s policies, procedures and regulations
    • Competently perform the essential functions outlined above
  • Free admission to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Family Passes
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Local and In-House Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Position Type: Hourly Part-Time Non-Exempt Union Position - If selected, there will be fees and dues to be paid to the union
  • Hourly Rate: $25.09

How to Apply

Elephant Odyssey Wildlife Care Specialist - Part Time - San Diego Zoo - Career Portal (

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San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

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