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Associate Registrar - San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
San Diego
Postgraduate Degree

May 9, 2024 marked the release of the job opportunity for Associate Registrar - San Diego Zoo, which will be inaccessible after June 6, 2024. This job opening requires that you have a minimum qualification of Postgraduate Degree to be considered. While this position is currently based in San Diego, the company may be open to considering candidates from other locations if they are the right fit. You can negotiate your salary with the employer as they do not provide it in the job advertisement. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has full time job openings for both experienced and entry-level candidates. The work setting for this job is situated at San Diego , CA , San Diego , CA.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Associate Registrar - San Diego Zoo

The Associate Registrar serves as a member of the wildlife care team. The Associate Registrar's responsibilities include updating the institution's wildlife records, validating the quality of recorded data, monitoring and collaborating with Curators to confirm legal compliance of wildlife shipments and assisting in the implementation of the SDZWA's Wildlife Transportation and Transaction policy. This position reports to the Wildlife Registrar.

  • Conducts data entry and ensures data quality, retention schedules, preservation, accessibility and accuracy for active and inactive wildlife records, and daily transactions including births, deaths and collection changes. Maintains professional standards for wildlife record keeping in accordance with the Zoo Registrar Association (ZRA) ensuring records are current and data accurate.
  • Maintains records and documentation for all wildlife transactions in accordance with SDZWA Wildlife Transportation and Transaction Policies (acquisitions and dispositions, wildlife breeding, transports, permits, licenses and special agreements). Representative duties include securing appropriate documentation, confirming compliance with regulatory guidelines (local, state, federal, international), government regulations and industry standards, scheduling travel.
  • Makes travel arrangements in conjunction with wildlife shipments and curatorial staff as required. Coordinates and communicates internally and externally with responsible wildlife care and veterinary staff regarding shipments.
  • Processes and records all billing information with appropriate Zoos and Aquariums in accordance with SDZWA's policies.
  • Purchases supplies and equipment. Reconciles SDZWA curatorial procurement cards. Coordinates travel for Curators and Wildlife Care staff. Prepares and submits expense reports adhering to SDZWA Finance Department policies and guidelines.
  • Trains staff in wildlife record keeping, records management and wildlife data standards, including direct entry into ZIMS. Prepares reports as needed to curatorial and management staff.
  • Prior experience in a zoological setting.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences, Records Management or other related field preferred. Or
  • Equivalent combination of training, education, and experience required.
  • ZRA Professional Membership
  • ZRA Training Certificate
  • AZA Training and Records Training
  • Able to communicate effectively (verbal and written).
  • Able to operate moderately complex computer software programs.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with others in a fast paced, diverse environment.
  • Must be able to maintain consistent level of productivity and meet deadlines.
  • Have strong knowledge of wildlife taxonomy, scientific nomenclature, wildlife husbandry and collection management principles.
  • Knowledge of and experience with AZA cooperative wildlife management programs, such as studbooks, SSPs, TAGs, GSMPs, etc.
  • Knowledge of and experience with IATA regulations and the CITES Convention as well as the US Endangered Species Act.
  • Free admission to the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Family Passes
  • Complimentary Tickets
  • Local and In-House Discounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Position Type: Hourly Full-Time Non-Exempt Position
  • Hourly Range: $25.77 to $28.48

How to Apply

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San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
2920 Zoo Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

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