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SHOW OF INTEREST 2024 - Case Management Specialist I

FULL TIMEUSD 47,000 - 61,000 / year

The job opportunity for SHOW OF INTEREST 2024 - Case Management Specialist I was posted on January 17, 2024, and it will come to an end on April 3, 2024. full time work can offer unique opportunities for growth and development. Is that something you're interested in? While this position is currently based in Summit, the company may be open to considering candidates from other locations if they are the right fit. The salary for this job, for the successful applicant, will be USD 47,000 - 61,000 / year.

Position Details Job Information

Appointing Authority Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro
Bargaining Unit Department of Job and Family Services (AFSCME Local 2696)
Department/Division Executive, Department of Job and Family Services
Full Time/Part Time Full Time
Regular/Temporary Regular
Work Schedule
Job Description
Required Qualifications
Preferred Qualifications
Pre-Employment Testing Requirements
Work Environment
Physical Demands
Additional Information
Job Duties

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Requisition Details Requisition Details

Requisition Number B-0042024-R
Working Title SHOW OF INTEREST 2024 - Case Management Specialist I
Posting Type No Post
Number of Vacancies
Advertised SalaryNot Applicable
Open Date 01/04/2024
Close Date 12/31/2024
Open Until Filled No
Special Instructions Summary Effective 1/1/17 Show of Interest Procedure SHOW OF INTEREST SUBMITTAL Employees may complete the show of interest through the website. The show of interest (SOI) would remain active within the division within the calendar year it was submitted, expiring 12/31/xx of the year it was submitted. Any shows of interest prior to 12/31/23 will have to be resubmitted 1/1/24.

An employee may complete a show of interest for different divisions within the calendar year. Human Resources (HR) notifies the Deputy Directors of related divisions of the SOI via email with a cc: to JFS Director. A list will be maintained by HR for the calendar year.

When a vacancy is established in the division and position for which a SOI was submitted, the Deputy Director will interview all employees which submitted a SOI within the calendar year. Management may select from employees that submitted SOI or may select to post the vacancy.

When management is evaluating moving employees between divisions, the Deputy Director will interview all employees which submitted a SOI for the division and position within the calendar year. Management may select from employees that submitted SOI or reserves the right to move other personnel due to qualifications and operational need.

Job shadowing for ½ day (4 hours) will be offered to an employee that completed a SOI after their interview, before a recommendation is made to HR to allow the employee to fully evaluate if they want to move to that division.

After the interview and job shadowing with all the SOI employees, a selection process based on the CBA Article 28.03 criteria will be considered. The employer is not obligated to select an employee from the SOI list.

If an employee is OR is not selected for a position, HR will notify the employee. Any question or dispute regarding the selection or non-selection of an employee is to be directed to HR, and should not be addressed with the division management.

The employer will maintain the normal standard of moving the individual after selection and notification to the new position within forty-five (45) calendar days. However, the employer reserves the right to extend the forty-five (45) days based on operational need.

Deciding whether to apply for the job requires careful consideration of the job posting. We encourage individuals who have carefully reviewed their qualifications and experience to apply for this job posting. If you have any doubts or concerns about this job posting, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Remember that accuracy and attention to detail are key when submitting job applications. Alternatively, there are other job vacancies on that offer different challenges and opportunities for growth.