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Special Assistant to the CEO


Have you thought about whether full time work is a good fit for you? December 22, 2023 is when the Special Assistant to the CEO job opportunity was released, and it will be closed on March 21, 2024. Not knowing the salary, you can negotiate based on the company's approach to workplace equality and gender diversity. While the position is based in Superior, the company may be open to considering remote workers who have the right skills.

Represent the CEO at events that they do not attend, and also attend meetings with the CEO, such as organizational meetings or public forums. The special assistant often acts as a mouthpiece for the CEO, speaking on their behalf and making decisions in their name.

Responsible for keeping the CEO apprised on any number of issues assigned to this. This can include information gathered at the events the special assistant has attended in their superior's stead or other significant information gathered in the course of performing their official duties.

Responsible for designing and implementing programs that help carry out the CEO's assigned duties. Must have significant experience as a supervisor.

Responsible for evaluating projects and gathering data about programs, analyzing it, and making a determination as to its success and efficiency.

Conduct significant amounts of research that they will then synthesize and present to the CEO or other parties as directed. This research may be statistical, historical or administrative in nature andmay require the consultation of both written documents and the interviewing of relevant people.

Will act as the CEO's surrogate, will make presentations, providing instruction or presenting the findings of research.

Will act as informal advisers to the CEO, offering counsel about decisions and providing feedback on mooted ideas. This requires that the special assistant be well versed in the CEO's affairs, making them, in some ways, less an assistant than a junior colleague.

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Will often supervise staff as directed by the CEO.This will include identifying vacant positions, advertising for the opening, interviewing potential candidates and training new employees.

One of the more amorphous duties of special assistants is to identify inefficiencies in their organization's operations and suggest corrections. This can take many forms, such as logistical inefficiencies or a misdirection of priorities.

Will act as all-purpose trouble-shooters, correcting errors and resolving conflicts whenever they arise to allow the CEO's to accomplish their tasks without interruption.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: From $16.00 per hour


  • On call
  • Weekends as needed

Work Location: In person

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