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Animal Care Internship

Posted: February 1, 2024 Expired: February 29, 2024
Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center
3 Month

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center

Animal Care Internship

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center

The Topeka Zoo Animal Care Staff is seeking a motivated and enthusiastic aspiring Zoo Keeper to join our Internship team gaining experience with a variety of species while enriching the community through wildlife conservation and education.

Animal Care Internship                                

The zoo is offering a protected contact internship in all animal areas of the Zoo. This internship encompasses the husbandry of several species of animals including: great apes, elephants, carnivores, hoofstock, free flight aviary, ambassador animals and more. This position will provide a well-rounded intern experience for those individuals who are actively pursuing a Zoo Keeper career. You can expect to learn the logistics of working with species who are a part of the Species Survival Plan Program, you will observe and assist in training sessions, implement enrichment, gain experience in an AZA accredited zoo, learn the ZIMS record keeping system, receive interview and resume preparation advice and assist with the daily feeding, husbandry and observations of the species covered in this internship. You will also be able to participate in several Intern seminars covering a wide range of topics from zoonotic diseases, training, AZA/SSP information, USDA requirements, browse identification and more.

Requirements and Expectations:

  • Must be able to stoop, climb, crawl, lift at least 50lbs, and work in all weather conditions

  • Must pass a background check and provide proof of negative TB test within the past year.

  • Must be 18 years or older and drug free

  • Ability to multi task, work in a fast paced environment, engage appropriately with public, and work independently and as part of a team is expected.

  • Must commit to at least a 3 month term with opportunity for longer extensions based on performance. (more “hands on” opportunities are also performance based)

  • Must complete an Intern project by end of Internship

  • To get the most out of this internship and to receive the full stipend, a schedule of 40 hours a week commitment required


  • The Zoo provides a monthly stipend of $1,000.

How to Apply:

  • Submit resume and cover letter to Shanna Simpson at

How to Apply

Submit resume and cover letter to Shanna Simpson at

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center
635 SW Gage Blvd
Topeka, KS 66606
Fax: Topeka Zoo and Conservati

@Topeka Zoo and Conse

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