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Political Training Manager and Facilitator

3 Year

Work experience in the same field for at least 36 months is an integral requirement for this job. Negotiation of salary with the employer is an option because they do not disclose it. This job is based in United, but it's a remote position that allows you to work from any location with an internet connection. The job opportunity for the Political Training Manager and Facilitator position was posted on December 20, 2023, and it will be unavailable after March 19, 2024. full time work might be just what you're looking for. Have you thought about it?

About Supermajority
Supermajority Education Fund partner organization, Supermajority, aspire to make the Majority Rules real for all people. Ed Fund brings together women from different backgrounds to learn from each other’s lived experiences, grow their innate leadership skills, and drive education through research on the issues women care about most.

We are a community of employees guided by five core values: We fight for justice, we are radically inclusive, we innovate and achieve impact, we collaborate and lift each other up, and we are sustainable. We are grounded in our Super Rule that the lives and experiences of women—particularly women of color—are front and center in addressing all of our nation’s challenges. We believe that those closest to the pain must be closest to the power.

We understand that our people are our most important resource, and we value them accordingly. From equitable compensation, to benefits that support caregivers, to sustainable schedules, we strive to build a radically inclusive workplace that truly puts our people first.

Position Summary

Supermajority Education Fund seeks a Political Training Manager and Facilitator, a dynamic, passionate, and entrepreneurial professional to work with the Strategic Programs team. This position builds thoughtful volunteer experiences by developing training and learning content across Supermajority Education Fund and Supermajority programs, managing cohort experiences, and creating an identity for volunteers as a ‘Supermajority Leader’.

This role will:

  • Manage nationally focused assigned learning and training programs, including but not limited to New Member Orientation, Superwomen Wednesday, Organizing Night School, and Majority Leaders, including but not limited to:
    • Develop curriculums, training facilitation guides, and training slides based on shared goals aligned to Supermajority's training pedagogy.
    • Host initial planning conversations with stakeholders to understand the goals of the program.
    • Project manage all elements of a successful call to completion: ensuring captioners are assigned, speakers are prepared, zoom is set up, and all training materials are in a visible place to find.
    • Host dry run sessions with speakers to practice training.
    • Host debriefs of training with outcomes of the call.
    • Analyze outcomes of training and share broadly with the Supermajority staff.
  • Collaborate with state staff to develop training programs including but not limited to: in-person training events with volunteers, voter contact best practices (text banking, phone banking, canvassing), and hybrid event programming.
    • Host initial planning conversations with stakeholders to understand the goals of the events and training.
    • Develop facilitation guides for our state staff to be ready to facilitate with volunteers.
    • Listen to their feedback and adapt to create responsive programming based on the needs of the state and the volunteers.
  • Project manage large-scale event programming including but not limited to:
    • Work across Supermajority staff departments to understand and cross-departmentally support large event programming that needs training support: grassroots donation calls, donor events, research sharing, and partner events.
    • Set up zoom support and best call practices to support team.
    • Assist in project delegation and deadline tracking.

The successful candidate must have the following skills and qualities:

  • Organizing: At least 3 years organizing in non-profit, educational, and/or campaign settings and understanding of grassroots organizing
  • Training and development: 3 -5 years of learning and training content-related work, including development of training materials from conception to implementation; Demonstrated experience in facilitating both online and in-person learning and community-building experiences.
  • Collaboration and project management: Able to develop long-term project plans and project manage cross-departmental digital and in-person moments; Able to plan and facilitate project meetings, and maintain accountability for on-time deliverables and outcomes of managed projects.
  • Commitment to the values of Supermajority, specifically centering communities most affected in the execution of projects by assessing for equity and mitigating racism and other forms of oppression in planning, and implementation. Ability to approach interpersonal communication and conflict with awareness of power, personal identities, and privilege;
  • Technical andorganizing tools: Proficient with Powerpoint/Google Slides, Google Sheets, EveryAction/Van, and different forms of online training and community-building platforms
  • Availability of select evenings and weekends for training calls

The strongest candidates will also have some of the following skills and experience:

  • Demonstrated experience with educational programs and/or political campaign training work;
  • Ability to set team goals, directing both strategy and people to execute towards that end;
  • Experience managing teams and consultants;
  • A track record working on gender equality issues;
  • Spanish language skills are highly desirable.

Compensation & Location

  • New hires start at $82,000. The entire range for this position is $82,000-$93,000. While we know applicants may be accustomed to negotiating salary, the $82,000 starting salary is not negotiable in order to maintain pay equity. Instead, we provide transparent, consistent, and competitive starting salaries for job postings based on job level.
    • Internally, this role will be titled as a Training Program Manager.
  • Comprehensive benefits package that includes 100% employer-paid health, dental, and vision insurance for employees (and their families). Employees accrue 160 hours of vacation time, 80 hours of health and caregiver leave, and 20 hours of volunteer leave annually. Employees will also receive 22 paid holidays throughout the calendar year.
  • This is a full-time, fully-remote, exempt position.

The Application Process

Supermajority Education Fund has engaged Equitable Hiring Group to support this hiring process. To apply, please complete the short form to the right.

Individuals who apply by Thursday, January 11th, will be given priority; therefore, we encourage you to submit yours soon!

When you apply, we kindly ask you to remove your schools from your resume. There is no need to reformat your resume and leave your degree as is; simplify it to “B.A. Economics,” for example. Just remember to remove any undergraduate and graduate school name references where possible. This “bias-reduced” process is aimed at opening this opportunity to more candidates, reviewing applicants on performance assessments instead of resume proxies (e.g., where you went to school).

This evaluation process will follow practices shown to reduce bias in decision-making and may be different from other application processes you have experienced.

To avoid being scammed when applying for jobs online, it's essential to keep in mind some critical factors before submitting any job application. Be wary of job postings that ask you to send money or make an initial investment, as these are often signs of a fraudulent job posting. To confirm that the job posting is genuine and the position is open, don't be afraid to contact the company directly. If a job posting asks for your bank account information, it's probably not legitimate. If a potential employer asks for sensitive information such as your social security number, driver's license, or passport, ask why it is necessary and how it will be protected. Job interviews via text or email should be approached with caution. To avoid any issues, confirm that you are on the genuine website before proceeding. Any job posting that requires payment is probably a scam, so avoid them. Don't apply for any job without first researching the company to verify its authenticity and credibility. Trust your intuition and use your common sense when evaluating job postings to avoid scams and frauds.

  • Early January: Selected candidates asked to complete short answer questions
  • Mid-January: Phone interview with Supermajority Education Fund staff
  • Late January: Finalist candidates will be asked to complete a paid, timed, trial assignment
  • Late January: Finalists will participate in a multi-team member panel interview
    • Candidate references will also be checked at this step
  • Early February: Offer extended

If you have any questions about the opportunity, please feel free to email [email protected].

Covid-19 Policy
To center the safety and well-being of its employees, SMEF requires that any employee who is required to conduct in-person activities for their job, including our in-person gatherings, must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 within four weeks of their start date. You should discuss with your supervisor how this policy applies to your role. If you believe that you need an exception from this policy as a reasonable accommodation for religious, medical, or other personal reasons, contact our people team.

Hiring Statement
Supermajority Education Fund is an equal opportunity employer with core values of radical inclusion and fighting for justice. We strive to build a staff team as diverse as the intergenerational and multiracial voters we organize. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, genetic information, national origin and ancestry, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, mental or physical disability, marital status, pregnancy, military and veteran status or medical condition.

Candidates can make a reasonable accommodations request for this job opportunity by emailing our people team at [email protected].

Supermajority Education Fund participates in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with employees’ Form I-9 information to confirm authorization to work in the United States. Job candidates and employees with the right to work may not be discriminated against on the basis of national origin or citizenship status.


Have you given this job vacancy a thorough review? If so, it's time to make a decision. We encourage you to carefully review the job posting and requirements before submitting an application. Remember, recruiters are looking for candidates who can demonstrate their professionalism and attention to detail in their job applications. We are excited to receive applications from individuals who are enthusiastic about this job opportunity and meet the requirements.