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Animal Care and Life Support Specialist

Living Exhibits Inc/Innovative Employee Solutions 
Bachelor Degree

February 12, 2024 is when the Animal Care and Life Support Specialist position was made available, and it will expire on March 11, 2024. It is necessary to fulfill the requirement of having passed Bachelor Degree to be eligible for this job. You can negotiate your salary with the employer based on the industry trends and market rates for similar positions. The employer is willing to provide relocation assistance for qualified candidates who are offered the job, regardless of their current location. Don't miss the deadline for submitting your application if you want to be considered for the job as Living Exhibits Inc/Innovative Employee Solutions , the recruiter for this vacancy, does not accept late submissions. The employee is expected to report to Wichita , KS , Wichita , KS for work.

Living Exhibits Inc/Innovative Employee Solutions 

Animal Care and Life Support Specialist

Want a career with a perfect blend of animal care and life support, with some of the best elasmos ever? Look no further! Living Exhibits is hiring an Animal Care Specialist in Wichita, KS. This position will work at both our Sedgwick County Zoo exhibit as well as our Operations Center – our offsite holding facility that is also in Wichita. Living Exhibits has a rich history of designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining interactive animal exhibits for zoos, aquariums, and museums across the country. Our exhibits include immersive habitats featuring sharks and stingrays, all managed by Living Exhibits staff at a host zoological facility. The goals of these interactive exhibits are to increase the value of the guests’ experience, further our customers’ zoological mission, and do so in a fiscally viable manner while encouraging guest connections with the animals to aid in their conservation. We currently operate exhibits at various AZA accredited facilities including St. Louis Zoo, Denver Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, and coming soon to Detroit Zoo. 

Employment Location: Wichita, Kansas- Duties to be split between our Regional Operations Center and Sedgwick County Zoo Stingray Cove Exhibit

Employed by: Living Exhibits Inc/Innovative Employee Solutions  

Staff at Living Exhibits work together as a team to meet common goals.  Staff hours will include weekends, holidays, and possible evening events.  Staff will be required to work in and around salt water, perform duties outdoors and during all types of weather and will include husbandry and working with filters, pumps and other critical life support equipment for the safety of our animals.


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  • Perform daily animal husbandry duties including, but not limited to:
    • Cleaning and maintenance of animal exhibits.
    • Preparation of daily diets and feeding of animals.                           
    • Observation of animals for injuries, disease, and behavioral changes.
    • Participation in daily behavioral training sessions to maintain existing behaviors, train new behaviors and utilize operant conditioning to enhance animal care.
    • Assisting in necessary care and medical treatment of injured or sick animals.
    • Maintaining accurate and detailed records in accordance with Living Exhibits protocols.
    • Operating and/or maintaining life support equipment.
    • Understanding, testing, and maintaining life support equipment.
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with all members of the Living Exhibits team, all host institution personnel, volunteers, guests and any others that come into contact as a result of Living Exhibits operations.
  • Keep a clean and orderly workspace including proper care and maintenance of department facilities and equipment.
  • Provide educational and interpretive information to all host institution personnel and volunteers as necessary.
  • As an aid to the Exhibit Supervisor, serve as a liaison with host facility personnel to problem solve, promote a productive relationship and ensure good customer satisfaction.
  • Engage with guests, including discussing the exhibit, the animals, conservation issues and answering questions on a variety of topics.
  • Completion of projects and other duties as assigned, possible travel to other exhibits for animal transport and further educational growth.

Experience Required

QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor’s degree in zoology, animal husbandry, a related field or working towards one OR equivalent experience. • One year’s practical experience in the care and interpretation of animals; zoo and aquarium animal-related experience preferred. • Strong observational skills to recognize and evaluate conditions of animal health, body condition and behavior. • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions, including procedures for care and maintenance of animals, habitats, service and holding areas. • Strong verbal and written communication skills. • Introductory knowledge of the animals featured in our exhibits, their care, and general conservation issues. • Must be comfortable speaking to and interacting with guests, the media, and employees and volunteers of the host institutions. • Basic computer knowledge including E-mail, Word & Excel. • Able to perform physical tasks including occasional lifting of moderate to heavy loads (up to 60 lbs.), climbing of ladders and ability to work in elevated conditions, have sufficient mobility to ensure safe work environment. • Able to work in and around salt water and to handle shellfish for diet preparation and animal feedings. • Able to work in variable weather and sometimes extreme environmental conditions including heat, snow, rain, wind.

How to Apply

Send Resumes & Cover Letters to:  All employees of Living Exhibits are subject to employment eligibility and background security checks as well testing for illegal substance use as allowed by law.

Living Exhibits Inc/Innovative Employee Solutions 
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