There are a number of things in the programme that you can help us with if you find them of interest.


  • We need some old unloved Android phone for John Hartley’s workshop. It doesn’t matter what state they’re in and they don’t need to be network activated. They just need to have the ability to record/play video, and have some amount of battery life. If you would like to lend or donate such an item, please email Nancy.
  • Just added to the programme, Rona Lee is convening a participatory reading of Guidance on Ensuring the Safety and Security of Seafarers and Rescued Persons, a text that has particular resonance when so many of those fleeing their countries are becoming endangered or dying at sea. Rona is looking for readers to participate in this. You don’t need any special skills and everyone will be briefed.  If you are interested read more about this session, or sign up to be a reader.
  • We’ve also recently added detail on Alice Gartland’s roundtable on swimming. For this roundtable we will require four breakout facilitators. We would ask the facilitators to write a short provocation that can be used to stimulate the breakout session, and ask you to gently facilitate discussion.  Please go here to read more, and if you’re interested in facilitating a session contact Richard.