For over a year, Amy Sharrocks and the WA custodians have been towing their rusty trailer around Western Australia, and now we gather the whole collection together at Fremantle Arts Centre as part of Perth Festival2018. The exhibition open on February 8 and runs until March 23.

Wander through a WA landscape where you can see more than 300 bottles of water, each with its own remarkable story. There are samples from Poison Gully and the Dragon Tree Soak, grey water from a laundry, a splash from a Paralympian’s swimming pool.

Follow a stream of water words as the Museum’s custodians share the many tales behind each bottle. Or share your own story and add to the collection by donating a bottle of water during the Festival. Alongside the main collection allow time to wander the hallways, where water pools in unexpected places or go for a walk with your own private rain cloud.

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