Rhythms Del Mundo are pleased to announce their sixth fundraising album, Plastic Oceans. Released in collaboration with some of the world’s greatest artists, including Ed Sheeran, Dylan, Beyoncé, Coldplay plus many more, the proceeds will go towards combating plastics in our oceans and other maritime causes that our charity arm, Artists Project Earth, supports.

For a small donation of $10 you can download a copy of Plastic Oceans and know that you are contributing towards marine conservation and projects across the world. Today, the world’s oceans are exposed to an unprecedented plastics tide. Over 12 million tonnes of plastic – plastic bottles, bags, food wrappers, microbeads and fishing nets –  pollute the oceans each year. Millions of animals and fish are dying – how can we let this continue?

To-date, APE has supported nearly 400 projects worldwide that are helping to bring about a better world, with your donation for this album, we will fund even more.

For more information on the Plastics Oceans album and our Partners, you can visit the Oceans Album website www.oceansalbum.com.