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Wednesday, November 9

TimeGreat Hall
16.30Plenary session: Welcome and Introduction Richard Povall ( and Merlin Hyman (CEO, RegenSW)
16.45Session 1: Opening Keynote : Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry (Land Art Generator Initiative) (USA), with Chris Fremantle (Scotland)
Powering Places: wild, wonderful, and sexy energy landscapes More info
18.30Conference Dinner (pre-booked only)
20.00Announcement and Awarding of the 2016 Nick Reeves AWEInspiring Award
20.15Performance with Lola Perrin (UK) with guest speaker Laura Coleman)
later...White Hart Bar open

Thursday, November 10

TimeGreat HallShip Studio
09.30Welcome and housekeeping
EcologiesShaping the world
09.45Session 2
Cathy Fitzgerald (Ireland): The Ecological Turn: Why and How Can We Best Articulate Slow Art and Ecology Practices?
Session 3
Beth Carruthers (Canada): A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene: new maps for old
10.15Session 4
Nancy Holmes (Canada): A Dangerous Gift: Artists Expanding Frames of Cognition In Environmental Discourse
Session 5
Judy Spark (Scotland): Nature Shining Forth: Being in the Presence of Technological Objects
10.45Session 6
Laura Kim Sommer (Norway): 'The activating' and other environmental art clusters with potential to inspire the climate movement
Session 7
Ian Garrett (Canada): Vox: Lumen - engineering for performance
CommunicatingArtist projects
11.45Session 8
Anaïs Roesch (France): About energy transition, cultural change and the power of the arts
Session 9
Natalia Eernstman (UK) and Bryony Onciul: Miss You Already: an artistic response to accelerated coastal change
12.15Session 10
Zoe Banks Gross (UK) Intersections: How we communicate energy, ecology and sustainability issues, can it influence behaviour change?
Session 11
David Haley (UK): NON-EQUILIBRIUM: ecology of time
12.45Session 12
Ela Spalding (Panama): An Art and Science LAB in Panama
Session 13
Chloe Whipple (UK): How to make 15 litres of water a day work
14.45Plenary - Keynote 2
Laura Watts (Denmark): Walking with Energy– under sea and over stone More info
Workshops ALL WORKSHOPS run concurrently from 15:30 to 18:00 and should be pre-bookedArtist projects
15.30Workshop 1 - Holly Owen (UK) and Kristina Pulejkova (UK): Switching Heads - sound mapping the Summit

Workshop 2 - Naomi de la Tour (UK): Playing with metaphor: new ways of knowing

Workshop 3 - Richard Lewis (UK): Fire/Wood: tracing the energy path (with specific attention to a site of ancient managed woodland)

Workshop 4 - Kelly Love (USA): SusteNation Rising: Eco-Artisans, Transformative Intelligence and the Power of Creativity
Session 14
Laura Hopes (UK): Tank: Non-standard Units of Measurement
16.00Session 15
David Sergeant (UK): Reading Poetry while the world burns
16.30Session 16
Lori Hepner (USA): #Crowdsourced Landscapes
17.00Session 17
Loraine Leeson (UK): Active Energy
17.30Session 18
Felix Prater (UK): 1 of 8.4 million
18.00session ends
DINNER (on your own) White Hart Restaurant serves until 21.00
until 23.00White Hart Bar open

Friday, November 11

TimeGreat HallShip Studio
09.30Welcome and housekeeping
Energy GenerationArtist Projects
09.45Session 19
Jaeweon Cho (S. Korea): Science Walden: A movement of perceiving toward a new horizon for a community
Session 20
Holly Owen (UK) and Kristina Pulejkova (UK): Switching Heads - sound mapping the Summit
10.15Session 21
Deisa Centazzo (UK/Italy) and Paolo Bombelli (UK/Italy): Connecting art, colour, nature, and health through the energy of living plants
Session 22
Emma Welton (UK): Damage Limitation
10.45Session 23
Roxana Morosanu (UK): The Factory of Doing: human agency and energy generation
Session 24
Reka Szekely (Hungary): Feeding the insatiable and feeding the birds – birdwatching in Kathleen Jamie’s poetry
12.00Session 25
Tour of the Dartington estate's renewable energy installations (booking essential)
Session 26
Hannah Imlach (Scotland): Nautilus Turbine, Isle of Eigg
12.30Session 27
Alex Murdin Dissensual infrastructure: the common space in–between
14.30Session 28
Facilitated open forum / discussion
16.00Summit ends

Other things

Richard Lewis will offer a fire ritual. Details to follow