From wild river dippers to leisure centre lane lappers, all are invited to participate in the first of a series of informal and collaborative ‘Swim Summits’ around the UK. At a time when water scarcity, sustainability, well being, access and participation in swimming are increasingly in the spotlight, we want to harness the knowledge, experience and passion of local swimmers and how we can translate that into practical change in policy and behaviour, to help promote well being and sustainability at and individual and community level.

The inaugural, Swim Nation!, takes place as part of Liquidscapes and involves members of the local swimming community as well as Liquidscapes delegates.

We will explore relationships between: 

  1. Swimming and the individual – e.g. well being, empowerment, connectivity, ebb and flow, creativity.
  2. Swimming and community – e.g. friendship, bonding, access and participation, collectivity.
  3. Swimming and the natural world – e.g. sustainability, power, conservation, energy.
  4. Swimming and modernity – e.g pace of life, fluidity, innovation, co-existence.


Together we will identify practical recommendations that can inform the way we live, work and enjoy the water. coming together towards the end of the session to share findings.



We are 60% water and 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water – it’s what connects and sustains us, yet that commonality is easily forgotten. It’s time to reconnect. Can using the framework of a hydrocentric citizenry help secure a sustainable and peaceful future?



In addition to all Liquidscapes delegates, Swim Nation! is open to members of the local swimming community, particularly sea and river swimmers.  There is no need to book, but if you’re thinking about coming we’d appreciate it if you’d drop us a line and let us know.

The Swim Summit series is a project led by Alice Gartland, Founder of A Lotus Rises, the Women’s Swimming Collective, Swim Coach and Contributing Editor of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine.