Invitation to presenters

Jake Elster-Jones from Revaluation will be running an action learning stream throughout Liquidscapes to facilitate collective reflection on the range of values in liquidscapes, how these values mediate our relationship with liquidscapes and how we can mobilise aspects of value that are often neglected to the detriment of liquid nature and ourselves.

The conversations and insights about value will emerge from the different perspectives and ways of knowing inherent in your work, presentations and activities; and those of the event’s many participants.

This theme has been designed to complement the rest of the programme and will not require any time or explicit focus within the other timetabled activities. All it involves is asking participants and presenters to have the question of value in the back of their heads and to share thoughts, insights and stories with our researcher, when convenient throughout the weekend.

However, the greater the engagement from presenters and participants, the greater the outcomes we will achieve. If you find it interesting and valuable, then please feel free to make use of this work in what you are planning to do. For example, throwing out a few questions, observations or thoughts about value during your session will help keep the question in mind for participants; or simply reflecting on what emerges with relevance to this topic for yourself and then sharing your thoughts and stories with us. You could also ask our researcher, Jake, to sit in on your session to observe what emerges. He can do this invisibly (adding what he finds to the stories and data that we will be collecting through the week and sharing at the end of the event); or can make observations during the session if that’s helpful for you.

If you’d like to know more or to discuss anything specific, please contact Jake Elster Jones on