tales and tellings of watery worlds and fluid states

Liquidscapes: tales and telling of watery worlds and fluid states

June 20 to 22 2018 • Dartington Hall

an Creative Summit

@liquidscapes18 | @artdotearth

A three-day international gathering bringing together creative thinkers and doers to explore
physically and figuratively our watery worlds and fluid states.

Swimming: labour of imagination

June 23 to 27 2018 • Dartington Hall

a residential short course led by artist-swimmers Kari Furre and Nancy Sinclair

an Short Course


‘If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water’ — Loren Eiseley The Immense Journey (1957)


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Another in the acclaimed series of international gatherings of artists and other thinkers produced by Dartington-based At this creative summit we will explore watery worlds and the state of being liquid; we will speak of water as an element in and of transition. Water on the move with places to go; water as muse; water as a wild, uncontrolled element of the sublime; water as solid or gas; water as a boundary, as edgeland; water as an ecological healer or indicator of environmental distress; water as an agent of immersion, as a former of landscapes, stronger than rock; water as mediator of political power and cultural agency. Drought.

Although many of those attending will be artists or creators, we welcome all voices to this event. There will be a particular focus on watery science; opening keynote speaker Tristan Gooley explores how we can read water, sea and river landscapes, and on Day 2 astronomer Prof. Paul Murdin OBE will explore water landscapes on other planets in liquid, gaseous and frozen states.

Sea and river swimming is another important thread running through the symposium. Our other opening keynote speaker, artist-swimmer Amy Sharrocks has been involved with organising many unique swimming events in and around London, and elsewhere. Alice Gartland (A Lotus Rises) is also a key voice amongst the swimming community. A round table towards the end of the event will include numerous contributions from significant voices in the swimming community in a part of the world where sea and river swimming are part of the lives of many.

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Booking is now open. Early Bird discounts are available until the end of February, or until they run out. Overall numbers are limited, so early bookings is always advised.

There are other events associated with Liquidscapes. Read about The Ephemeral River (a global nomadic art project); read about the residential short course Swimming: labour of imagination.

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Accommodation / food roundup

This page contains important information! Dartington Hall is in a rural area, but one that is also a popular tourist destination. When you make a booking you can choose to be resident on-site, or non-resident. However if you don't book accommodation when...

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Additional affordable accommodation now available

Additional student-style rooms now available Although we have sold out of onsite student-style accommodation, we have been able to source similar accommodation offsite at Hannah's a charitable organisation that is about 20 minutes away from Dartington. If...

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Hydroscapes and Hydrosocial States

CFP for an upcoming edited volume Hydroscapes and Hydrosocial States: Vibha Arora Followingthe paper presentations at ASA2017 “Shifting States” and panelistspresentations therein (Panel 14 convened by Vibha Arora and Georgina...

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Watery miscellany

Tidal Cultures

Tidal Cultures is a wonderful collection of stories, links, essays, media programmes and more collected in a blog published Owain Jones (Bath Spa University). He says: I have always had, as far as I remember, an awareness of tides, and also a fascination from them, a...

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Living in a Liquid Society

The 5th International Conference of the Romanian Sociologists Society 14th  – 15th  September 2018, Timisoara, Romania West University of Timisoara, Romania Following the perspective of Zygmunt Bauman and Umberto Eco, we are currently living in a liquid society,...

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Once Upon Water: artist residency

Once Upon Water art residency International Call Toronto Island, Canada Facilitator: Teresa Ascencao Program Dates:  Sep 17 – Oct 1, 2018 Submission Deadline: April 20, 2018 Once Upon Water is a two-week art residency to create artworks about the material and magical...

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Liquidscapes 2018

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So I’ve been reading this book The Fountain In The Forest. Here’a the author @tony_white_ reading. Readers will be gripped, writers will keep looking up from the page - as I have - and wonder just how he’s done the things he’s done in it. Find it, read it.

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Wide-ranging, deep-delving account of 25 women writers abt nature & landscape for @outsidemagazine by @kathrynaalto, inc. Camille Dungy & @cfinney4 (Black Faces, White Spaces). I'd add the superb @LauretSavoy & Ellen Meloy among others.

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